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f un and useful offers you somewhat more than many other sites - for example: our news on your desktop, by WAP or on your own site news on your site
Does you or your club like the visitors to be able to see the latest news from displayed on your web site ? No problems! Go to our scriptgenerator and follow the instructions and you'll get a Javascript that you may copy and paste into the source code for you web page. You can choose how many news you like to show and if you are satisfied with just the headline or if you'd like to see the preamble too. It's easy, try it yourself! news in wap-format
If you own a WAP-telephone, then you can read the news right in the display of your phone. Just surf to with you phone and it's all there! You may find a WAP-emulator at news on your desktop
Sorry, this feature is not yet available in English. Current link goes to all-Swedish page... Be patient! Would you like to spice up your desktop on the computer ? Get the news from in a small window by using the "active desktop" feature of Windows. How ? That's simple, click here! news by e-mail
Don't want to surf to everytime you want to know if someting ahs happened in the world of orienteering ? Subscribe at the Alternativet news and you don't have to anymore! Join the Alternativet Community and follow the instructions once you have loged in. as your start page
Alternativet is the natural start page on the net for anyone that's somewhat initiated in the sport of orienteering. If you don't have as your start page in your browser, then you may get it by clicking here! (OBS! Works only in Internet Explorer).

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A small but fun thing is to have our own pelican left of in your adress bar instead of the Internet Explorer logo. If it's not already there, just try to update you old bookmark in the browser and you should get it. Works only in Internet Explorer version 5 or later.

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